Parents Involvement

  • 9890048_orig.jpgWhat is your sub-topic?
    • This sub-topic is about parental involvement in educational settings and how it influence on students’ diverse learning experiences.
  • Why did you select this topic?
    • I select this topic because parental involvement is often a sector that people overlooks. Parental involvement is indeed influential and crucial in terms of creating a diverse learning environment for the students. Especially for minority groups, parental involvement can bring different cultural perspectives into the classroom; parent vs. teacher relationship and parent vs. students relationship are both important to consider in education.
  • What is currently going on?
    • As I mentioned above, people often neglect the importance of parental involvement in educational settings. Even parents themselves, sometimes don’t realize their essential rule in creating a diverse learning environment for their children. According to scholar Brewster and Railsback, “different types of involvement may include parenting, communicating with schools, volunteering at schools, supporting learning at home, participating in school governance and decision-making, and taking part in school-community collaborations.” On the other hand, “school administrators and teachers must develop mutual trust, consider the different cultural attitudes some families may have towards schooling, and be diligent in reaching out.”
  • How do you see the relevance/benefits of this topic in a K-12 context?
    • This topic is definitely relevant and beneficial in a K-12 context. K-12 students are especially in the need of parental influences. According to Lynch, there are four ways to improve parent involvement in K-12 learning:
      • 1. Encourage collaboration.
      • 2. Work toward creating a friendly school environment.
      • 3. Reduce bureaucratic barriers.
      • 4. Respect the deep-rooted importance of family.
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