Diversity in teachers


  • What is your sub-topic?
    • My second sub topic focuses on diversity in teachers. Here I researched on the current status of teachers’ diversity in the United States, I explored the strong influence that teachers’ diversity has on students, and action plans we can take to improve the status.
  • Why did you select this topic?
    • Because in order to create a diverse learning environment for the students, acknowledging the diversity in teachers is very crucial. To ensure the quality of academic performance of students, we have to eliminate the disparity between minority students enrollment and teachers of color employment. As schools nowadays started to embrace and enlarge the minority students population, we need to have minority teacher groups to corresponds with the changes. Moreover, “an analysis of teacher diversity prepared by the National Collaborative on Diversity in the Teaching Force found that increasing the percentage of teachers of color in classrooms is connected directly to closing the achievement gap (2004).”
  • What is currently going on?
    • Currently in the United States, teachers are predominately white: “More than 80 percent of the bachelor’s degrees in education awarded during the 2009-10 school year were to non-Latino white students, according to a new study by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE).” Over the course of 10 years, from 2002 to 2012, the number of black teachers in nine major cities across the U.S. declined – in some cases at startling rates – “ranging from a 15 percent decrease in New York to a 62 percent decrease in New Orleans.” 150916-datateachers1-graphic
    • Furthermore, a portion of current enlisted minority teachers feel like they are not appreciated enough at their schools: they often are treated with poor working conditions with little authority in decision makings and lack of autonomy in their classrooms. Therefore, minority teachers are leaving their professions at a higher rate than other teachers!150916-datateacherdiversity2-graphic
  • How do you see the relevance/benefits of this topic in a K-12 context?
    • Encouraging minority teachers in the learning environment gives students a broader cultural perspective in learning. Especially minority students can find their teachers representing their own culture as role models, thus help them learn more efficiently.
  • Provide resources for your research, and don’t forget to add references.