Diversity in students


  • What is your sub-topic?
    • My first sub-topic is Diversity in Students, which depicts the diversity in student groups and the importance of embracing diversity in the learning environment. Every student is undoubtedly diverse culturally, linguistically, and ethnically.
  • Why did you select this topic?
    • Because each student offers a powerful resource for everyone in the learning environment to learn more. Every single person in the learning system has the power to serve as an invaluable resource for all others – students, teachers, and the community as a whole. Furthermore, acknowledging and embracing the diversity in students help the integrity of the class. When everyone is bonded together regardless of color, race, class, gender, religion, etc.; the class would be more harmonious as a whole.
  • What is currently going on?
    • Practically, the growing diversity in U.S. classrooms clearly encourages the development and use of diverse teaching strategies designed to respond to each student as an individual.
  • How do you see the relevance/benefits of this topic in a K-12 context?
    • By being exposed to diverse cultures and beliefs, students are able to obtain a wider prospective of the world. This added perspective may help students appreciate differences, and, ultimately result in a more well-rounded learning environment.
  • Provide resources for your research, and don’t forget to add references.
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