Course curriculum, technology and other learning resources varieties

    • why3-2-new-imagesWhat is your sub-topic?
      • To create a diverse learning environment, we need to look into many aspects. In this section, I mainly explore into diverse course curriculums, diverse teaching technologies, and other diverse learning resources. I will explain each aspect and discuss how to utilize each aspect to make your learning environment as diverse as possible.
    • Why did you select this topic?
      • The previous two sub-topics talks about the importance of recognizing and embracing diversity in students and teachers. So this follow up topic is to elaborate more on how to make the learning environment diverse. This specific sub-topic acknowledges different aspects of diversity, and also gives suggestions of diverse learning resources that teachers and students can utilize to enrich their learning experience.
    • What is currently going on?
      • We have entered a digital era, and most classrooms in the U.S. right now are fully digitalized. Students and teachers utilize technology on a day to day basis. Along with the economic development of our country, classrooms nowadays have more learning resources than decades ago. Students and teachers have more diverse tools to compose efficient learning environment. To further elaborate, teachers nowadays have a variety of tools to make their course curriculum; for instance, teachers can use Google accessaries to enrich their teaching with diverse images, videos, interactive games, charts, graphs, etc. Students nowadays, on the other hand, have a variety of learning resources as well. Scholar Kurdziolek states there are four types of classroom resources: Simple, compound, complex, and abstract. For instance, students nowadays can utilize a variety of tools to complies a group project, like what we did in our EDIT 2000 classroom, we used so many tools such as pawtoons, wordpress, aboutme, stop animation, smore, Google docs, youtube, iMovie, etc.
    • How do you see the relevance/benefits of this topic in a K-12 context?
      • This topic is definitely beneficial in a K-12 setting. K-12 students are in a phase of fast development and fast learning. With the help of diverse course curriculum, technology, and other learning resources, K-12 students and teachers will accomplish a diverse learning environment successfully.
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