Communication and Collaboration


Through the Communication and Collaboration projects, we explored various digital tools and learned how useful they are to our projects. For my individual project, I used four Google Tools to establish a good classroom activity. The activity I have created aims to teach students how to utilize Google Trends, Google Earth and Google Docs. I also composed my lesson plan on Google Slides. On top of that, while creating the classroom activity, I did a lot of web searching using wikipedia and other sources.

Our group projects on the other hand, shows how important communication and information sharing is to a collaborated activity. We composed a Pawtoon, but first, we used Google Doc to collect ideas. Since in-class time is limited, we worked mainly on our own first to each do a section and write down scripts for later Pawtoon production. We then came  together to do voice over reading our scripts. The group project runs so smoothly thanks to our utilization of Google Docs and prepared scripts beforehand. Also, Pawtoon was something new that most of us have never used before, we each worked on our own and decorated our corresponding slides at home, so that made it efficient and less time-consuming.

Here are the links to my projects:

IndividualCrystal’s Individual Google PPT

Group: Moving Into The Digital Generation