20% Project


Topic/Idea: The topic of my 20% project is Creating a Diverse Learning Environment. This project lays out various ways to create a diverse learning environment and shows how important diversity is in a classroom.


Why this topic: I choose this topic because our classroom nowadays are non-doubtfully diverse. Students come from a variety of social backgrounds and have diverse representations. It is very important to recognize the diversities and embrace them. Growing up in a diverse environment, I can see the intersection of different cultures and how they effect each other. Creating a diverse learning environment is essential and will definitely help students learn better.

What do you learn: Through my researches, I learned the different aspects of diverse learning environment. And it is also interesting to find out how parents involvement can help creating a better learning environment for the students. Later on, when I dive deeper into this topic, I hope to learn specific lesson plans that utilizes various tools to create a diverse learning environment, and how diverse learning environment is beneficial for the students.

What should readers learn: Through my project, the readers can learn concrete examples for the diversities of learning environment. Readers will have a better idea of how to recognize and embrace diversities in the classroom. Readers will also learn the action plans in case cultural clashes happens.


  • Diversity in students
  • Diversity in teachers
  • Course curriculum, technology and other learning resources varieties
  • Parents Involvement
  • In the classroom (how to defeat cultural clashes and embrace diversity)