Reflection for Creativity & Innovation

Here is our group project video link: Edit 2000 – Photosynthesis


  • What is the topic of the video?
    • Our video is focusing on photosynthesis process, and we talks about what role does each component play in this process. We also emphasized the importance of the photosynthesis in our daily life.
  • What (Georgia) Performance Standard for which grade level does your video address?
    • Science Grade 4 Earth Science Standard
  • How might this video help audiences/students to understand the concept?
    • Our video is very self-explanatory. It is clearly formatted with detailed narration for each component of the photosynthesis process. With the image and narration, the audiences/students can learn the photosynthesis process and the importance of each branch.
  • What did you do to achieve your answers for question #3?
    • We first created a Google Doc, each group member claimed one component of the photosynthesis process, and each of us wrote the script for our corresponding element. Then we got together to put our ideas onto papers, we used colored markers, play-dol, and some other materials as props. Then we took pictures of each process, and recorded the whole storyline. Finally we finished up and published onto YouTube.
  • Where do you see your creativity in this video?
    • We drew flowers, sun, roots, ground using colorful markers. We also used play-doh to make water drops. We tried to make our project as creative as possible. And it is our first time using stop animation, it was very interesting and useful.
  • How do you perceive the value of this video published in the YouTube? Who do you think benefit most from the video?
    • After this video was published on YouTube, more people can get access to it. So if any students curious about photosynthesis, they can probably find our video when they search the topic. Therefore, hopefully our creative video help them learn easier.
  • What advice would you give to students and teachers when creating videos?
    • Definitely plan ahead, write scripts so you know what to expect. And make your video as creative as possible, including different resources, different props. Also, make sure its age appropriate; depending on your target audience, make the video suitable for the specific age group.